Nakiaj1s – Join the Madness

Top 10 people I’d like to punch in the mouth.

  1. Elizabeth Hasslebeck. That self-serving, cheesy, over opinionated, PTA meeting, right wing zombie bitch.
  2. Bill O’Reilly. Do you even have to ask? Anyone else on this list stands to possibly do something that would make me change my mind about punching them. But Bill…the only thing he could possibly do is die. And the only reason I wouldn’t STILL want to punch him then is because I may develop some sort of flesh eating bacterial disease from touching his rotting, oozing corpse that will likely smell of sulfur as his hateful soul spirals steadily towards the depths of hell.
  3. Whoever invented money. I’d be perfectly happy trading some beads for some buffalo meat right now…considering all I have is beads.
  4. The people who thought LIFETIME would make a good channel for women. We have enough problems, do we really need to sit down and watch other people crying because they lost their jobs and their husbands left them for their therapist right after they found out that the cancer made them sterile and then got stealing a baby from a drug addicted teenager who they decided to adopt so they could keep both the teenager and the baby.
  5. Any of those people who gets paid to read those annoying adverse effects on the drug commercials.
  6. Whoever gave Miley Cyrus her big break. Just what the world needs, some teenager jumping up and down and just waiting for her chance to become the next cracked out pop tart with a sex tape on the internet.
  7. Miley Cyrus Herself. I WOULD punch her in the mouth but I’m pretty sure the fight bite I got from those ginormous choppers would pretty much shred my knuckles.
  8. All the nay Sayers who complain that Obama doesn’t have enough experience. The White House if full of experience and the country is screwed. Let’s try something different.
  9. Rush Limbaugh. He’s right up there with Hasslebeck. Hypocritical Hippopotamus. The only reason he’s not further up on the list is because if he and O’Reilly are within close proximity of each other AND Hasslebeck a vortex to the fire breather galaxy will open and demonic dragons will overtake the earth.
  10. Sarah Palin. She may actually welcome being punched in the mouth so she’d finally have a really GOOD excuse to shut up and stop embarrassing herself.

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