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{July 6, 2009}   Location, Location, Location


The Difference Between a Stripper and a Ho.



Why do men go to strip clubs? The general idea seems to be to watch half naked/fully naked women writhe and wiggle to bass heavy music, and fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with them. The more adventurous even have the option of a lap dance where for an extra fee the half-naked/fully naked woman will put her well-used booty directly on your lap and let her ass write all sorts of checks her orifices won’t cash.

Imagine my surprise when on an average night out, my rum clouded eyes were witness to a decent looking girl in a most INDECENT dress and what I’m sure was no panties at all completely bent over touching the ground and grinding on Mr. Random in the middle of the dance floor. Besides wondering if what she was wearing was really a dress at all or if it was a tunic SHIRT as I suspected, I also wondered why she didn’t just take her show to a different venue and get paid for it. She clearly enjoys being watched and displaying her cookies, why not capitalize on it? Men, why bother to go to the strip club when for just one cover charge you can get a night full of free lap dances. Granted you might actually have to stand up instead of sitting down, but when it’s free who can complain. And if you do stand, just prop against the wall and let her have at it.



LADIES!! Stop short changing yourself. You do all this work, twerkin and poppin all night long for a man. At least make him buy you a drink! Go ahead and wear panties, that way you have some place for men to tuck dollar bills. Now, I’m no prude. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. But if you are bending over and “making it clap” then you’ve taken it well beyond dirty dancing and straight into pole dancing. The only difference between you and a REAL stripper is the business license of the club you’re in, and the lack of dough you’re bringing in. It’s a recession out there girls. Get money!


{May 6, 2009}   Greetings people of Earth!

picture-2111Finally, a place that I can go and just blab on about a bunch of nothing. Literally blog. Usually these will be odd complaints or simple musings about nothing. Occassionally I will have some interesting photos or tidbits to put out, but mostly just a bunch of rambling until I get myself organized. In the meantime, enjoy whatever you may find here. I know my twitter followers will be glad to have a few less posts to deal with now that I have the new outlet.

I’m at work now, and surrounded by people (who generally annoy me) so be prepared for a post reeeaaalllll sooooon.


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