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{June 26, 2009}   They Don’t Dance No More


I am not that old. I’m not from ancient times or even the good ol’ days. It’s possible that I MAY be old school, but that’s debatable. So I am confused as to what has happened to the club scene in just a few short years.

My idea of a good club is fun, loud, populated by pretty, good music and, what’s that thing….DANCING!!! Instead I find what can only be described as a lame music video full of wanna-be actors aching to be seen. I was married for 5 years…pregnant for at least two of those years, nursing through the third and spiraling towards divorce for the last two…but for five years I was out of the club scene. In that time things have taken a turn for the wack. Now divorced and back on the circuit I set out to explore and discover at least ONE good club. So far I’ve come up short. Instead what I’ve observed is the next generation in cheap men wearing sunglasses and nursing the one expensive drink they’ll buy all night pretending to be “ballers”. They don’t dance, they profile. They stand on the edge of the dance floor in groups and gaze upon the masses as if they are kings, or at least P.Diddy. Meanwhile, flocks of half dressed females gather together in the center of the dance floor. Some of them will occasionally put on a display by bending over and dancing to the most misogynistic song playing in an attempt to garner the attention of the males. This action is rewarded by one of the males who will come and put his junk on her. Fascinating.

What is the cause of this? Why have the standards for “club” been reduced to those of “bar” or “grocery store check out line”? Maybe everyone thinks a camera crew is about to sail through and capture them in a state of awesomeness. Well…they’re wrong. Instead they have wasted a good deal of space and money and plenty of my time. When my clubbing partner and I go out we make sure to “make our own fun”. We will dance alone, with each other or forcibly dance with some random guy standing around the wall. But it should not be that hard. There are these wonderful places called “bars” and “lounges” where people can go listen to music, have a few drinks and stand around uselessly. Clubs are for dancing.

A friend of mine told me that it is unattractive for a female to dance around so much that she breaks a sweat. What he doesn’t recognize is the close correlation between dancing and sex. I don’t see how with the way people dance today. On the dance floor, as in bed, there are bodies moving in rhythm. The music pulses and you can close your eyes and feel bass moving through you. When the music is right you are allowed to touch and feel a stranger in ways you can’t do anywhere else. You can rub and grind in the most intimate ways. Your bodies glide over each other and exude hormones tinged with a hint of the primal scent of sex. You let your hips make promises you have no intention to keep once the beat changes, but the seduction is there nonetheless. Videos simulate the sweat that’s generated in the club by spraying water over well oiled women. These women stare into the camera like they’re looking into your eyes…and the eyes of the millions of others watching. So unless you’re some sort of voyeuristic pervert, isn’t touching more fun than looking?

And if you are going out, are you not out to meet people? If you have come to the club WITH everyone you ever hope to meet, you have wasted time. Have a house party for goodness sake. Don’t clog up the club. People go out and stand in groups with the people they already know and refuse to socialize. Men turn down dances with pretty women so they can stand around with their boys and LOOK at women. While this practice makes me happy when it’s my special friend who’s out at the club (don’t want HIM touching anybody) it’s disturbing when I’m trying to cut a rug!

So say it with me, “Clubs are for…DANCING”.


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